All of our programs are designed to help our students be well-rounded. We cultivate scientists that are socially conscious, inspired by community, and prepared to be Creators of tomorrow. 

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NexgeneGirls Annual Stem Symposium

The 3rd annual symposium will be held in the February 8th 2018.  Please contact us to volunteer or bring your student to the event. This event has been designed to empower students of color to engage and explore the STEM field.

This is a free community event open to all SFUSD students and their families to participate in fun, hands-on workshops and have a great time interacting with STEM graduate students, researchers and leading industry professionals. Parents, guardians, and families are invited come hear from featured panelists as they share their experiences and advice about working in and pursuing higher education in STEM. To find out more information about the STEM symposium please signup for our newsletter below!



interactive science community workshops

We host workshops in the local San Francisco Bay Area community for youth to engage in hands on, fun science experiments. All of our experiments have been designed for ages 6 and up and are safe to re-create at home. Please email us at if you would like to host a NexGeneGirls Science Workshop at your school or community organization.



NExgenegirls Bootcamp 2017

In collaboration with the California Life Sciences Institute Nexgenegirls will produced a spring science bootcamp for six High School students.

Nexgenegirls Summer Science academy 2017

The selected NexGeneGirls Bootcamp participants participated in a 6-week, 3-day (12-15 hour) per week internship in June where they were able to work on collaborative scientific research projects and hone their hands-on scientific technique under the direction of an academic scientist.

NexGeneGirls Summer High School Internship

This yearly internship has been designed to immerse high school girls in scientific research. NexGeneGirls grants six internships to qualifying San Francisco high school girls of color. These students participate in an eight week summer Science Academy program.  

2017 NexGeneGirls Cohorts