The Bay Area Science Festival (BASF) is annual science festival that happens throughout The San Francisco Bay Area counties at the end of October. The BASF program is a 10 day program that features over 150 events and activities run by various science-related organizations, coordinated through The University of California, San Francisco. The event is an exploration of science aimed at revealing the wonders of science in a fun, family-oriented format that brings the community together and promotes science to people of all ages, color and creed. Typically over 70 000 people attend this event.

The BASAF program typically features large, free, hands-on science-themed days called Discovery Days, one in the North Bay, one in the East Bay, and one at AT&T Park in San Francisco. Additionally, the program features lab tours, conversations with leading scientists, and performances from groups from around the nation. Past participants have included Craig Venter, Carl Zimmer, Alton Brown, and Radiolab.

NexeGenes Girls will play a role in this years festival. We will have a booth to display the wonderful work we do to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in underprivileged communities and share the magic of science. This year our families and young scientists will decode The Code of Life, “DNA,” with fun experiments that will unravel the secrets behind the building blocks of life.

We look forward to seeing you all and sharing the wonder of science with you.

Join us, get your CodeOn, turn your DNA into your very own!

Bay Area Science Festival, NextGene Girls

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